Commit f2f715a2 authored by Niklas Hambüchen's avatar Niklas Hambüchen Committed by Matthew Waters

meson: Fix missing GSM_HEADER_IN_SUBDIR logic

Until now, this hadn't been translated from autoconf yet.
parent f089f2b8
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......@@ -2,19 +2,23 @@ if get_option('gsm').disabled()
gsm_cargs = []
gsm_dep = cc.find_library('gsm', required : get_option('gsm'))
have_gsm_create = cc.has_header_symbol('gsm.h', 'gsm_create')
if not have_gsm_create
have_gsm_create = cc.has_header_symbol('gsm/gsm.h', 'gsm_create')
if not have_gsm_create and get_option('gsm').enabled()
error('GSM plugin is enabled: found libgsm but no headers')
gsm_cargs += ['-DGSM_HEADER_IN_SUBDIR']
if gsm_dep.found() and have_gsm_create
gstgsm = library('gstgsm',
['gstgsm.c', 'gstgsmenc.c', 'gstgsmdec.c'],
c_args : gst_plugins_bad_args,
c_args : gst_plugins_bad_args + gsm_cargs,
include_directories : [configinc],
dependencies : [gstaudio_dep, gsm_dep],
install : true,
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