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moved plugin info from gstreamer/REQUIREMENTS

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moved plugin info from gstreamer/REQUIREMENTS
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GStreamer uses a *large* array of tools and libraries, most of which are
optional. We have attempted to make sure that any code that depends on
optional libraries doesn't get built unless you have those libraries. If
you find this not to be the case, please, let us know by filing a bug
report at
Required libraries:
The core GStreamer libraries are required which depend on the following:
the latest glib2, currently at v2.0.4
libxml2 (also called gnome-xml, available from
These libraries are all central parts of gnome, and are available from the or its mirrors, amongst other places.
Optional libraries:
This file lists supporting libraries for which gst-plugins contains plugins,
as well as their minimum version. You can find the corresponding plugins in
a52dec 0.7.3
avifile >= 0.6.0 (cvs)
libgnomeui (for gstplay, gsteditor, autoplug example, several tests)
libglade (for gstplay, gsteditor)
libHermes (for colorspace conversions; you need this for any video work)
libghttp (for httpsrc)
libaudiofile (for afsrc/afsink)
libmad (for the mad mp3 decoder plugin)
libjpeg (for jpegenc/jpegdec)
libopenquicktime (for the QT plugin)
libXv (for videosink)
libxaudio (for xa mp3 decoder)
libvorbis (for vorbisenc, vorbisdec)
libcdparanoia (for cdparanoia ripper)
liblame (for lame mp3 encoder)
libshout (for the shoutcast plugin)
libasound (for the alsa src/sink plugin)
ortp (for the rtp sink plugin)
aalib (for the aa sink plugin)
aRts (for the arts plugin wrapper, and the artsd sink)
raw1394/linux1394 (for the dv plugin)
libdvdread (for the dvdsrc)
(optional: libcss for encrypted DVDs)
libesound (for the esd sink
gnome-vfs (for the gnome-vfs src)
libgsm (for the gsm plugin)
sdl (for the sdl sink)
xmms (for the xmms plugins wrapper)
mpeg2dec/a52dec (for mpeg2 related plugins and dvd playback)
>= v0.2.1/v0.7.2
avifile (for the avi windows decoder plugins)
you might want to get the windows libraries
from and put the .dll files
in /usr/lib/win32/
>= 0.6.0 (cvs)
flac (for the FLAC lossless audio format)
Required tools:
An extra set of tools is required if you wish to build GStreamer out of
CVS (using
autoconf 2.52
automake 1.5
libtool v1.4 or better
pkgconfig 0.8.0 (
Optional tools:
Optional debian packages:
(This is an incomplete list, made only of problems which have been reported,
rather than by an audit.)
task-helix-gnome-dev OR libgnome-dev
gtk-doc-tools 0.4-0.2 -- needed to build documentation
Alternatively, the docbook-gnome-bin package, which is available by adding the
following lines to apt's sources.list (/etc/apt/sources.list):
deb gnome/
deb-src gnome/
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