Commit e6944da1 authored by Damian Hobson-Garcia's avatar Damian Hobson-Garcia Committed by GStreamer Merge Bot

waylandsink: use GstMemory instead of GstBuffer for cache lookup

The GstMemory objects contained in a GstBuffer could be replaced
by an upstream element, which would break the association beteen
the GstBuffer and the wayland wl_buffer, make the cache lookup
results incorrect.
This patch changes the cache lookup to use the first GstMemory
in a buffer instead.  For multi-plane buffers, this assumes that
all of the GstMemory(s) will always be moved together as a set,
and that the same (first) GstMemory isn't used with different
combinations of other GstMemory(s).

Part-of: <!1401>
parent ff5f2640
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......@@ -94,8 +94,10 @@ gst_wl_buffer_dispose (GObject * gobject)
* the GstWlBuffer from another thread, unregister_buffer() will
* block and in the end the display will increase the refcount
* of this GstWlBuffer, so it will not be finalized */
if (self->display)
gst_wl_display_unregister_buffer (self->display, self->gstbuffer);
if (self->display) {
GstMemory *mem0 = gst_buffer_peek_memory (self->gstbuffer, 0);
gst_wl_display_unregister_buffer (self->display, mem0);
G_OBJECT_CLASS (gst_wl_buffer_parent_class)->dispose (gobject);
......@@ -145,11 +147,11 @@ static const struct wl_buffer_listener buffer_listener = {
static void
gstbuffer_disposed (GstWlBuffer * self)
gstmemory_disposed (GstWlBuffer * self)
g_assert (!self->used_by_compositor);
GST_TRACE_OBJECT (self, "owning GstBuffer was finalized");
GST_TRACE_OBJECT (self, "owning GstMemory was finalized");
/* this will normally destroy the GstWlBuffer, unless the display is
* finalizing and it has taken an additional reference to it */
......@@ -161,18 +163,20 @@ gst_buffer_add_wl_buffer (GstBuffer * gstbuffer, struct wl_buffer *wlbuffer,
GstWlDisplay * display)
GstWlBuffer *self;
GstMemory *mem0;
self = g_object_new (GST_TYPE_WL_BUFFER, NULL);
self->gstbuffer = gstbuffer;
self->wlbuffer = wlbuffer;
self->display = display;
gst_wl_display_register_buffer (self->display, self->gstbuffer, self);
mem0 = gst_buffer_peek_memory (gstbuffer, 0);
gst_wl_display_register_buffer (self->display, mem0, self);
wl_buffer_add_listener (self->wlbuffer, &buffer_listener, self);
gst_mini_object_weak_ref (GST_MINI_OBJECT (gstbuffer),
(GstMiniObjectNotify) gstbuffer_disposed, self);
gst_mini_object_weak_ref (GST_MINI_OBJECT (mem0),
(GstMiniObjectNotify) gstmemory_disposed, self);
return self;
......@@ -181,7 +185,8 @@ gst_buffer_add_wl_buffer (GstBuffer * gstbuffer, struct wl_buffer *wlbuffer,
GstWlBuffer *
gst_buffer_get_wl_buffer (GstWlDisplay * display, GstBuffer * gstbuffer)
return gst_wl_display_lookup_buffer (display, gstbuffer);
GstMemory *mem0 = gst_buffer_peek_memory (gstbuffer, 0);
return gst_wl_display_lookup_buffer (display, mem0);
......@@ -385,36 +385,36 @@ gst_wl_display_new_existing (struct wl_display * display,
gst_wl_display_register_buffer (GstWlDisplay * self, gpointer gstbuffer,
gst_wl_display_register_buffer (GstWlDisplay * self, gpointer gstmem,
gpointer wlbuffer)
g_assert (!self->shutting_down);
GST_TRACE_OBJECT (self, "registering GstWlBuffer %p to GstBuffer %p",
wlbuffer, gstbuffer);
GST_TRACE_OBJECT (self, "registering GstWlBuffer %p to GstMem %p",
wlbuffer, gstmem);
g_mutex_lock (&self->buffers_mutex);
g_hash_table_replace (self->buffers, gstbuffer, wlbuffer);
g_hash_table_replace (self->buffers, gstmem, wlbuffer);
g_mutex_unlock (&self->buffers_mutex);
gst_wl_display_lookup_buffer (GstWlDisplay * self, gpointer gstbuffer)
gst_wl_display_lookup_buffer (GstWlDisplay * self, gpointer gstmem)
gpointer wlbuffer;
g_mutex_lock (&self->buffers_mutex);
wlbuffer = g_hash_table_lookup (self->buffers, gstbuffer);
wlbuffer = g_hash_table_lookup (self->buffers, gstmem);
g_mutex_unlock (&self->buffers_mutex);
return wlbuffer;
gst_wl_display_unregister_buffer (GstWlDisplay * self, gpointer gstbuffer)
gst_wl_display_unregister_buffer (GstWlDisplay * self, gpointer gstmem)
GST_TRACE_OBJECT (self, "unregistering GstWlBuffer owned by %p", gstbuffer);
GST_TRACE_OBJECT (self, "unregistering GstWlBuffer owned by %p", gstmem);
g_mutex_lock (&self->buffers_mutex);
if (G_LIKELY (!self->shutting_down))
g_hash_table_remove (self->buffers, gstbuffer);
g_hash_table_remove (self->buffers, gstmem);
g_mutex_unlock (&self->buffers_mutex);
......@@ -85,10 +85,10 @@ GstWlDisplay *gst_wl_display_new_existing (struct wl_display * display,
gboolean take_ownership, GError ** error);
/* see wlbuffer.c for explanation */
void gst_wl_display_register_buffer (GstWlDisplay * self, gpointer gstbuffer,
void gst_wl_display_register_buffer (GstWlDisplay * self, gpointer gstmem,
gpointer wlbuffer);
void gst_wl_display_unregister_buffer (GstWlDisplay * self, gpointer gstbuffer);
gpointer gst_wl_display_lookup_buffer (GstWlDisplay * self, gpointer gstbuffer);
void gst_wl_display_unregister_buffer (GstWlDisplay * self, gpointer gstmem);
gpointer gst_wl_display_lookup_buffer (GstWlDisplay * self, gpointer gstmem);
gboolean gst_wl_display_check_format_for_shm (GstWlDisplay * display,
GstVideoFormat format);
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