Commit e4e01609 authored by Jan Schmidt's avatar Jan Schmidt

check: Fix mpegvideoparser PAR expectation

The parser (correctly) now interprets the test header using
MPEG-1 semantics, so fix the test expectation.
parent aa23ea6f
......@@ -102,8 +102,8 @@ GST_START_TEST (test_mpeg_parse_sequence_header)
assert_equals_int (seqhdr.width, 1920);
assert_equals_int (seqhdr.height, 1080);
assert_equals_int (seqhdr.aspect_ratio_info, 3);
assert_equals_int (seqhdr.par_w, 17280);
assert_equals_int (seqhdr.par_h, 17280);
assert_equals_int (seqhdr.par_w, 64);
assert_equals_int (seqhdr.par_h, 45);
assert_equals_int (seqhdr.frame_rate_code, 7);
assert_equals_int (seqhdr.fps_n, 60000);
assert_equals_int (seqhdr.fps_d, 1001);
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