Commit dd2dba63 authored by Thiago Santos's avatar Thiago Santos

tests: camerabin: add tests for GstPhotography image capture

GstPhotography enables new paths in wrappercamerabinsrc that allows
the source to be notified about the capture caps and provide an
alternative caps if desired bypassing the negotiation (this doesn't
seem like a good idea these days). To make sure it keeps working
until we remove it from the API in favor of standard caps negotiation
features this test was added.

It adds 3 extra tests with a simple test source that will:
1) Test that capturing with ANY caps work
2) Test that capturing with a fixed caps work
3) Test that capturing with a fixed caps and having the source
   pick a different resolution from GstPhotography API works
   by having wrappercamerabinsrc crop the capture to the final
   requested dimensions
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