Commit cb293af9 authored by Sebastian Dröge's avatar Sebastian Dröge 🍵
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Revert "mpegtspacketizer: Convert PCR times to GStreamer times before...

Revert "mpegtspacketizer: Convert PCR times to GStreamer times before comparing them against 500 * GST_MSECOND"

This reverts commit 9f186c6a.

That commit was actually completely wrong, nevermind.
parent 9f186c6a
......@@ -1962,8 +1962,7 @@ record_pcr (MpegTSPacketizer2 * packetizer, MpegTSPCR * pcrtable,
/* If PCR diff is greater than 500ms, create new group */
PCRTIME_TO_GSTTIME (current->pending[current->last].pcr) >
if (G_UNLIKELY (corpcr - current->pending[current->last].pcr >
500 * PCR_MSECOND)) {
GST_DEBUG ("New PCR more than 500ms away, handling discont");
/* Take values from current and put them in the current group (closing it) */
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