Commit b7f95d64 authored by Jan Schmidt's avatar Jan Schmidt

tsdemux: Skew correction should use the upstream DTS

The MPEG-TS packetiser should use the upstream DTS for
skew correction when running in that mode, as the DTS
carries the upstream arrival time. The PTS (if it's
set at all) is less useful, and can be invalid.
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......@@ -665,6 +665,7 @@ mpegts_packetizer_new (void)
mpegts_packetizer_push (MpegTSPacketizer2 * packetizer, GstBuffer * buffer)
GstClockTime ts;
if (G_UNLIKELY (packetizer->empty)) {
packetizer->empty = FALSE;
packetizer->offset = GST_BUFFER_OFFSET (buffer);
......@@ -674,9 +675,11 @@ mpegts_packetizer_push (MpegTSPacketizer2 * packetizer, GstBuffer * buffer)
G_GUINT64_FORMAT, gst_buffer_get_size (buffer),
gst_adapter_push (packetizer->adapter, buffer);
/* If buffer timestamp is valid, store it */
packetizer->last_in_time = GST_BUFFER_TIMESTAMP (buffer);
/* If the buffer has a valid timestamp, store it - preferring DTS,
* which is where upstream arrival times should be stored */
ts = GST_BUFFER_DTS_OR_PTS (buffer);
packetizer->last_in_time = ts;
static void
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