Commit b33b1390 authored by Kipp Cannon's avatar Kipp Cannon Committed by Sebastian Dröge

facedetect: set maximum feature size to 0x0

This disables the "max feature size" feature. The current configuration
is totally busted: The max feature size is hard-coded to 2 pixels more
than the user-supplied min feature size which pretty much means you need
to guess the size of the person's face to within a few pixels to get the
code to find it.
parent 4d957e53
......@@ -514,7 +514,7 @@ gst_face_detect_run_detector (GstFaceDetect * filter,
filter->cvStorage, filter->scale_factor, filter->min_neighbors,
filter->flags, cvSize (min_size_width, min_size_height)
, cvSize (min_size_width + 2, min_size_height + 2)
, cvSize (0, 0)
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