Commit 989af902 authored by Matthew Waters's avatar Matthew Waters 🐨
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glmemory: use the correct size for the pbo

It was missing the GstVideoAlignment padding which could cause GL
errors related to overrunning the size of the pbo.
parent 3a79bd91
......@@ -472,9 +472,7 @@ _transfer_upload (GstGLContext * context, GstGLMemory * gl_mem)
GST_CAT_DEBUG (GST_CAT_GL_MEMORY, "uploading texture %u using pbo %u",
gl_mem->tex_id, gl_mem->transfer_pbo);
size =
GL_MEM_HEIGHT (gl_mem) * GL_MEM_WIDTH (gl_mem) *
_gl_texture_type_n_bytes (gl_mem->tex_type);
size = ((GstMemory *) gl_mem)->maxsize;
if (USING_OPENGL (context) || USING_GLES3 (context)
|| USING_OPENGL3 (context)) {
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