Commit 907e02cf authored by Nicola Murino's avatar Nicola Murino Committed by Matthew Waters
parent b5bd2a88
......@@ -871,9 +871,11 @@ gst_glimage_sink_set_caps (GstBaseSink * bsink, GstCaps * caps)
glimage_sink->convert = gst_gl_color_convert_new (glimage_sink->context);
if (!gst_gl_color_convert_set_caps (glimage_sink->convert, uploaded_caps,
glimage_sink->gl_caps)) {
gst_caps_unref (uploaded_caps);
gst_caps_features_free (gl_features);
return FALSE;
gst_caps_unref (uploaded_caps);
gst_caps_features_free (gl_features);
glimage_sink->caps_change = TRUE;
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