Commit 8d4ce1e8 authored by Aaron Boxer's avatar Aaron Boxer Committed by Sebastian Dröge

ccextractor: copy input buffer flags to output buffer

flags are needed when processing SCTE 20 closed captions for an interlaced
stream, when we need to convert back to analog, in which case we need to match
the caption to the top or bottom field
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......@@ -377,6 +377,7 @@ gst_cc_extractor_handle_meta (GstCCExtractor * filter, GstBuffer * buf,
if (tc_meta)
gst_buffer_add_video_time_code_meta (outbuf, &tc_meta->tc);
gst_buffer_set_flags (outbuf, gst_buffer_get_flags (buf));
/* We don't really care about the flow return */
flow = gst_pad_push (filter->captionpad, outbuf);
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