Commit 83171128 authored by Juan Navarro's avatar Juan Navarro

dtlsdec: Avoid duplicate ref when passing certificate property

The agent itself will take a ref on the property setter, so we'll be
left with two references to the certificate object, when actually there
should be only one
parent a93bf982
......@@ -588,9 +588,12 @@ get_agent_by_pem (const gchar * pem)
if (!pem) {
if (g_once_init_enter (&generated_cert_agent)) {
GstDtlsAgent *new_agent;
GObject *certificate;
certificate = g_object_new (GST_TYPE_DTLS_CERTIFICATE, NULL);
new_agent = g_object_new (GST_TYPE_DTLS_AGENT, "certificate",
certificate, NULL);
g_object_unref (certificate);
GST_DEBUG_OBJECT (generated_cert_agent,
"no agent with generated cert found, creating new");
......@@ -613,9 +616,12 @@ get_agent_by_pem (const gchar * pem)
agent = GST_DTLS_AGENT (g_hash_table_lookup (agent_table, pem));
if (!agent) {
agent = g_object_new (GST_TYPE_DTLS_AGENT,
"certificate", g_object_new (GST_TYPE_DTLS_CERTIFICATE, "pem", pem,
GObject *certificate;
certificate = g_object_new (GST_TYPE_DTLS_CERTIFICATE, "pem", pem, NULL);
agent = g_object_new (GST_TYPE_DTLS_AGENT, "certificate", certificate,
g_object_unref (certificate);
g_object_weak_ref (G_OBJECT (agent), (GWeakNotify) agent_weak_ref_notify,
(gpointer) g_strdup (pem));
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