Commit 768bed66 authored by Wim Taymans's avatar Wim Taymans

Don't set the caps

Original commit message from CVS:
Don't set the caps
parent f3d2b564
......@@ -140,9 +140,8 @@ static void
gst_mp3parse_init (GstMPEGAudioParse *mp3parse)
mp3parse->sinkpad = gst_pad_new_from_template(sink_temp, "sink");
gst_pad_set_caps(mp3parse->sinkpad, gst_pad_get_padtemplate_caps (mp3parse->sinkpad));
//gst_pad_set_caps(mp3parse->sinkpad, gst_pad_get_padtemplate_caps (mp3parse->sinkpad));
// gst_pad_set_type_id(mp3parse->sinkpad, mp3type);
#if 1 // set this to one to use the old chaining code
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