Commit 73ff734e authored by Haihao Xiang's avatar Haihao Xiang Committed by Tim-Philipp Müller

msdk: change the wait time for encoder and vpp

In MSDK samples, the wait time for encoder, decoder and vpp is
300000. Let's set the wait time to the same value in msdk plugin
parent 2ecba3e7
......@@ -661,9 +661,12 @@ gst_msdkenc_finish_frame (GstMsdkEnc * thiz, MsdkEncTask * task,
/* Wait for encoding operation to complete */
/* Wait for encoding operation to complete, the magic number 300000 below
* is used in MSDK samples
* #define MSDK_ENC_WAIT_INTERVAL 300000
MFXVideoCORE_SyncOperation (gst_msdk_context_get_session (thiz->context),
task->sync_point, 10000);
task->sync_point, 300000);
if (!discard && task->output_bitstream.DataLength) {
GstBuffer *out_buf = NULL;
guint8 *data =
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