Commit 72b76779 authored by Sebastian Dröge's avatar Sebastian Dröge 🍵

Release 1.9.90

parent e47b130e
=== release 1.9.90 ===
2016-09-30 Sebastian Dröge <>
releasing 1.9.90
2016-09-30 11:44:47 +0300 Sebastian Dröge <>
* po/ky.po:
* po/sv.po:
po: Update translations
2016-09-29 21:42:24 +0530 Arun Raghavan <>
* ext/wayland/gstwaylandsink.c:
waylandsink: Actually use buffer pool config after setting it up
CID: 1373420
2016-09-29 13:36:11 +0300 Sergey Mamonov <>
* ext/lv2/gstlv2filter.c:
fix for
2016-09-29 21:45:50 +0530 Arun Raghavan <>
* sys/bluez/gsta2dpsink.c:
a2dpsink: Drop some dead-code
Left over from the last cleanup.
CID: 1373418
2016-09-29 14:32:15 +0100 Vincent Penquerc'h <>
* ext/fdkaac/gstfdkaacdec.c:
fdkaacenc: fix accessing freed memory
The buffer data is not always copied in _Fill, and will be
read in _DecodeFrame. We unmap at the end of the function,
whether we get there via failure or early out, and keep a
ref to the buffer to ensure we can use it to unmap the
memory even after _finish_frame is called, as it unrefs
the buffer.
Note that there is an access beyond the allocated buffer,
which is only apparent when playing from souphttpsrc (ie,
not from filesrc). This appears to be a bug in the bit
reading code in libfdkaac AFAICT.
2016-09-29 14:31:37 +0100 Vincent Penquerc'h <>
* ext/fdkaac/gstfdkaacdec.c:
* ext/fdkaac/gstfdkaacdec.h:
fdkaacdec: avoid memory corruption on decoding error
The buffer size is expected to be in multiples of the sample size,
not in bytes.
2016-09-29 14:29:46 +0100 Vincent Penquerc'h <>
* ext/fdkaac/gstfdkaacdec.c:
fdkaacenc: fix buffer leak
2016-09-28 09:44:58 +0100 Vincent Penquerc'h <>
* ext/fdkaac/gstfdkaacenc.c:
fdkaacenc: set framed=true on src caps
This fixes muxing in MPEG TS.
2016-05-05 15:53:57 +0900 Gwang Yoon Hwang <>
* gst-libs/gst/gl/dispmanx/gstglwindow_dispmanx_egl.c:
* gst-libs/gst/gl/dispmanx/gstglwindow_dispmanx_egl.h:
gl/dispmanx: Implements set_render_rectangle to adjust the position of window
We cannot set the x, y coordinate of the video frame at the dispmanx at
this point. We need to teach dispmanx backend to understand about
set_render_rectangle API to draw a video with other UI.
This patch keeps the current behavior which places video frame at the
center of the display if there is no set_render_rectangle call to the
dispmanx window.
2016-09-28 15:20:25 +1000 Matthew Waters <>
* gst-libs/gst/gl/gstglbasefilter.h:
* gst-libs/gst/gl/gstglbasememory.h:
* gst-libs/gst/gl/gstglbuffer.h:
* gst-libs/gst/gl/gstglbufferpool.h:
* gst-libs/gst/gl/gstglcolorconvert.h:
* gst-libs/gst/gl/gstglcontext.h:
* gst-libs/gst/gl/gstgldebug.h:
* gst-libs/gst/gl/gstgldisplay.h:
* gst-libs/gst/gl/gstglfeature.h:
* gst-libs/gst/gl/gstglfilter.h:
* gst-libs/gst/gl/gstglframebuffer.h:
* gst-libs/gst/gl/gstglmemory.h:
* gst-libs/gst/gl/gstglmemorypbo.h:
* gst-libs/gst/gl/gstgloverlaycompositor.h:
* gst-libs/gst/gl/gstglquery.h:
* gst-libs/gst/gl/gstglrenderbuffer.h:
* gst-libs/gst/gl/gstglshader.h:
* gst-libs/gst/gl/gstglslstage.h:
* gst-libs/gst/gl/gstglupload.h:
* gst-libs/gst/gl/gstglviewconvert.h:
gl: add necessary padding bytes to all public structs
2016-09-27 16:17:00 +0100 Vincent Penquerc'h <>
* ext/fdkaac/gstfdkaacenc.c:
fdkaacenc: set transmux on the fdkaac lib
Not doing so will fail to decode in a simple fdkaacenc ! fdkaacdec
pipeline, though would work if this goes through a file.
2016-09-27 16:15:44 +0100 Vincent Penquerc'h <>
* ext/fdkaac/gstfdkaacdec.c:
fdkaacdec: do not error out of out of sync return
The docs say we should continue feeding in data and decoding
2016-09-27 09:08:51 +0100 Vincent Penquerc'h <>
* ext/fdkaac/gstfdkaacenc.c:
fdkaac: fix error with AOT_MP2_AAC_LC removed from libfdkaac API
AOT_MP2_AAC_LC is a "pseudo AOT" which got removed after 0.1.4,
and maps to AOT_AAC_LC.
Remove mpegversion 2 from th caps to match.
2016-09-26 16:30:02 +0100 Tim-Philipp Müller <>
* sys/bluez/
meson: bluez: fix build
2016-09-26 16:38:04 +0300 Sebastian Dröge <>
* sys/decklink/linux/DeckLinkAPI.h:
* sys/decklink/linux/DeckLinkAPIConfiguration.h:
* sys/decklink/linux/DeckLinkAPIDeckControl.h:
* sys/decklink/linux/DeckLinkAPIDiscovery.h:
* sys/decklink/linux/DeckLinkAPIModes.h:
* sys/decklink/linux/DeckLinkAPITypes.h:
* sys/decklink/linux/DeckLinkAPIVersion.h:
* sys/decklink/osx/DeckLinkAPI.h:
* sys/decklink/osx/DeckLinkAPIConfiguration.h:
* sys/decklink/osx/DeckLinkAPIDeckControl.h:
* sys/decklink/osx/DeckLinkAPIDiscovery.h:
* sys/decklink/osx/DeckLinkAPIDispatch.cpp:
* sys/decklink/osx/DeckLinkAPIModes.h:
* sys/decklink/osx/DeckLinkAPIStreaming.h:
* sys/decklink/osx/DeckLinkAPITypes.h:
* sys/decklink/osx/DeckLinkAPIVersion.h:
decklink: Update to SDK 10.8
OSX and Linux only, Windows needs someone on Windows to convert the .idl
files to C source code.
2016-09-26 11:41:42 +0100 Olivier Crête <>
* ext/fdkaac/gstfdkaacdec.c:
fdkaac: fix mixup setting interleaved output
2016-09-26 13:26:36 +0300 Sebastian Dröge <>
* gst-libs/gst/player/gstplayer.c:
player: Only report the initial duration if the query was successful
2016-09-26 11:15:25 +0900 Kyungyong Kim <>
* gst/videoparsers/gsth265parse.c:
h265parse: Fix parsing of multiple NALs in the hvcC box
2016-09-25 17:38:15 +0100 Tim-Philipp Müller <>
* sys/bluez/
bluez: dist new header file
Fixes distcheck.
2016-09-24 22:39:38 +0530 Arun Raghavan <>
* sys/bluez/gsta2dpsink.c:
* sys/bluez/gstavdtpsink.c:
* sys/bluez/gstavdtpsink.h:
a2dpsink: Don't try to set device caps on avdtpsink
We can't actually configure the transport, so we should only be working
with whatever we get.
2016-09-23 16:31:50 +0530 Arun Raghavan <>
* sys/bluez/gstavdtpsink.c:
avdtpsink: Chain event handling up to basesink
2016-09-23 16:04:43 +0530 Arun Raghavan <>
* sys/bluez/gsta2dpsink.c:
* sys/bluez/gsta2dpsink.h:
bluez: Clean up and make a2dpsink functional again
Was crashing, and had a lot of cruft (like a capsfilter and a fakesink)
that was no longer required.
2016-09-15 17:49:15 +0530 Arun Raghavan <>
* sys/bluez/
* sys/bluez/gstavdtpsrc.c:
* sys/bluez/gstavdtpsrc.h:
* sys/bluez/gstavrcputil.c:
* sys/bluez/gstavrcputil.h:
* sys/bluez/org.bluez.xml:
avdtpsrc: Add support for AVRCP metadata
Metadata from AVRCP is emitted as tags, and the duration from AVRCP is
used in queries by avdtpsrc.
2016-09-24 10:49:10 -0400 Sebastian Dröge <>
* ext/openjpeg/gstopenjpegdec.c:
openjpegdec: Properly offset and shift for all formats when converting
And while at it, also clean up some code.
2016-09-24 10:05:16 -0400 Sebastian Dröge <>
* gst/videoparsers/gstjpeg2000parse.c:
jpeg2000parse: Don't pass NULL strings to the colorspace / sampling parsing functions
They assert on NULL.
2016-09-23 15:49:21 -0400 Nicolas Dufresne <>
* ext/wayland/gstwaylandsink.c:
waylandsink: Don't leak GValues in getcaps
2016-09-22 18:55:23 -0400 Nicolas Dufresne <>
* ext/wayland/gstwaylandsink.c:
* ext/wayland/wlwindow.c:
* ext/wayland/wlwindow.h:
waylandsink: Update our window size on configure event
This is specific to when the waylandsink is not being embedded. In
this patch we pass the render lock to the window so it can safely
call gst_wl_window_set_render_rectangle() with the new size.
2016-09-22 18:53:22 -0400 Nicolas Dufresne <>
* ext/wayland/gstwaylandsink.c:
waylandsink: Remove atomic operation
We already take the render lock from the wlqueue thread in some other
place which indicates that there is no use of this atomic instead of
a proper locking mechanism.
2016-09-22 15:37:41 -0400 Nicolas Dufresne <>
* ext/wayland/gstwaylandsink.c:
waylandsink: Do not pre-configure proposed pool
Upstream must configure the pool before using it. Pre-configuring
the proposed pool could hide bugs in upstream elements.
2016-09-22 15:35:44 -0400 Nicolas Dufresne <>
* ext/wayland/wlwindow.c:
* ext/wayland/wlwindow.h:
waylandsink: Properly draw black border in absence of viewporter
When we don't have a viewporter (scaling support), we can't use the
1x1 scaleup image trick. Instead, we need to allocate a buffer with
the same size as the area that need to have black background.
2016-09-22 10:55:03 +0200 Florian Zwoch <>
* sys/winscreencap/gstdx9screencapsrc.c:
dx9screencapsrc: throw error for invalid screen index
Currently dx9screencapsrc prints a verbose warning in case the screen
index is out of range for the current number of detected monitors. This
value is then dropped.
However there is no initial indication (beside the console print) if it
worked or not. This may result in capturing an unwanted screen as it
would capture the last set index that was not rejected.
This patch sets the index regardless. Instead, the element throws an
error when it tries to run or getting caps for an invalid index.
2016-09-22 18:19:36 +1000 Matthew Waters <>
* gst-libs/gst/gl/gstgldisplay.c:
gldisplay: also free the GWeakRef when removing dead contexts
Otherwise we leak GWeakRef's.
Found with make -C tests/check libs/gstglcontext.valgrind
2016-09-21 15:51:52 -0700 Martin Kelly <>
* gst-libs/gst/wayland/
wayland/ add missing libs
libgstwayland is missing a dependency on $(GST_PLUGINS_BASE_LIBS), so add it.
2016-09-21 15:07:50 -0400 Nicolas Dufresne <>
* ext/wayland/wldisplay.c:
waylandsink: Destroy viewporter when done
2016-09-21 11:33:18 -0700 Martin Kelly <>
* tests/check/
build: add missing $(GST_PLUGINS_BASE_LIBS)
The linker flags for several plugins (dashdemux, mssdemux, hlsdemux) are missing
$(GST_PLUGINS_BASE_LIBS), so add them so they can find -lgsttag and -lgstapp.
2016-09-19 12:11:59 -0400 Nicolas Dufresne <>
* ext/wayland/gstwaylandsink.c:
waylandsink: Port to vmeta and GstVideoFrame
This add support for non-standard strides to be used. Note that
some extra work is needed for multi-plane format which may have
a different GstMemory object per plane. This is not currently a
problem since SHM interface is limited to 1 memory.
2016-09-19 12:08:20 -0400 Nicolas Dufresne <>
* ext/wayland/gstwaylandsink.c:
waylandsink: Don't propose multiple time the same buffer pool
The buffer pool API does not allow multiple of owner. This otherwise
lead to error when renegotiation take place. Aso consider the
allocation query "need_pool" boolean.
2016-09-19 12:06:17 -0400 Nicolas Dufresne <>
* ext/wayland/gstwaylandsink.c:
waylandsink: Promote debug trace into error trace
Otherwise those error may go unseen making debugging much
2016-09-19 12:04:52 -0400 Nicolas Dufresne <>
* ext/wayland/gstwaylandsink.c:
waylandsink: Factor-out the pool creation
2016-09-16 15:41:11 -0400 Nicolas Dufresne <>
* ext/wayland/gstwaylandsink.c:
waylansink: Implement _show_frame()
This fixes the property show-preroll-frame expose by the VideoSink base
class and removes redundant code.
2016-09-21 15:09:26 +0200 Joakim Johansson <>
* tests/check/elements/rtponviftimestamp.c:
rtponviftimestamp: Update unit tests after changing default value of D-bit
The D bit shall always be set to true for the first buffer.
2016-09-21 09:31:23 -0400 Sebastian Dröge <>
* sys/decklink/gstdecklink.cpp:
* sys/decklink/gstdecklinkaudiosink.cpp:
* sys/decklink/gstdecklinkaudiosrc.cpp:
* sys/decklink/gstdecklinkvideosink.cpp:
* sys/decklink/gstdecklinkvideosrc.cpp:
decklink: Print the Decklink API error return values in debug output in all places
2016-09-20 18:28:29 +0100 Tim-Philipp Müller <>
* ext/wayland/
wayland: fix distcheck some more
2016-09-13 11:18:27 +0200 Joakim Johansson <>
* gst/onvif/gstrtponviftimestamp.c:
rtponviftimestamp: Change default value of D-bit
The default value of D-bit is changed to TRUE so discontinuity
is set for initial request and seek request as well.
Only set the e_bit flag for the CUSTOM_DOWNSTREAM event if
a cached buffer exists.
2016-09-19 10:18:22 +0100 Tim-Philipp Müller <>
configure: fix --disable-external
conditional "USE_VULKAN" was never defined
2016-09-19 16:54:43 +1000 Matthew Waters <>
* ext/gl/gstglcolorbalance.c:
glcolorbalance: reconfigure on passthrough changes
Fixes an assertion when moving from passthrough to non-passthrough
Without an explicit reconfigure, glfiter won't have created the GL
resources such as the FBO, GL bufferpool, etc and basetransform will
allocate sysmem buffers instead.
2016-09-16 13:43:50 +0200 Sebastian Dröge <>
* gst-libs/gst/player/gstplayer.c:
player: Remove some leftovers from external GstPlayer
2016-09-17 14:12:44 +0100 Tim-Philipp Müller <>
* ext/wayland/
wayland: fix distcheck when wayland-scanner is not installed
2016-09-15 14:10:02 -0400 Nicolas Dufresne <>
* ext/wayland/wldisplay.c:
* ext/wayland/wlwindow.c:
waylandsink: Make wl_viewporter optional
This makes the viewporter interface optional. The end result is
obviously far from optimal, though it greatly helps testing on older
compostitors or gnome-wayland. We can make it strictly needed later when
this new interface get widely adopted.
2016-06-14 16:34:35 -0700 Scott D Phillips <>
* ext/wayland/
* ext/wayland/scaler.xml:
* ext/wayland/wldisplay.c:
* ext/wayland/wldisplay.h:
* ext/wayland/wlwindow.c:
* ext/wayland/wlwindow.h:
wayland: Update from scaler to viewporter protocol
Signed-off-by: Scott D Phillips <>
2016-09-15 14:58:35 +0200 Sebastian Dröge <>
* tests/check/libs/player.c:
player: Fix unit test for minor API change
2016-09-15 13:15:22 +0200 Sebastian Dröge <>
* gst-libs/gst/player/gstplayer.c:
* gst-libs/gst/player/gstplayer.h:
player: Remove boolean return from set_subtitle_uri()
It can't fail synchronously and is inconsistent with set_uri().
2016-09-14 18:07:55 +0200 Sebastian Dröge <>
* gst-libs/gst/player/gstplayer.c:
player: Don't change state to PLAYING immediately if a seek is pending
We first have to finish the seek (in PAUSED) and move to PLAYING once
the seek is actually finished (unless a new one is pending then).
2016-09-14 11:30:48 +0200 Sebastian Dröge <>
configure: Depend on gstreamer
2016-09-08 11:57:52 +0900 Hyunjun Ko <>
* gst/dvbsuboverlay/gstdvbsuboverlay.c:
dvbsuboverlay: map with READWRITE for overlay blend
Just as in basetextoverlay [1], the frame to blend with the subtitles overlay
should be mapped with flags GST_MAP_READWRITE, because
gst_video_overlay_composition_blend() does both operations.
Signed-off-by: Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal <>
2016-09-13 20:08:19 +0200 Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal <>
kmssink: update libdrm dependency to 2.4.55
The latest libdrm feature supported by kmssink is the universal plane, which
was added in 2.4.55. Let's update the dependency to that version.
2016-09-11 00:06:52 +0000 Graham Leggett <>
* gst/mpegtsdemux/mpegtsbase.c:
tsdemux: handle a NULL name in DVB short event descriptor
Resolves the warning:
GStreamer-WARNING **: Trying to set NULL string on field 'title' on taglist.
2016-09-12 18:38:36 +0200 Sebastian Dröge <>
* gst-libs/gst/adaptivedemux/gstadaptivedemux.c:
adaptivedemux: Also never have the SINK flag set on adaptivedemux
2016-09-12 12:19:50 +0200 Sebastian Dröge <>
* sys/decklink/gstdecklinkvideosink.cpp:
Revert "decklinkvideosink: Scale down scheduled frame times to milliseconds"
This reverts commit 3b7e0d7de32f0728259d601daa13b9eeec3dd3ce.
It was a bug in the driver and is supposed to be fixed with 10.8 and newer.
2016-09-10 16:41:28 -0300 Thiago Santos <>
* gst-libs/gst/adaptivedemux/gstadaptivedemux.c:
adaptivedemux: fix typo in new API
Fixes supressed -> suppressed typo in previous commit
2016-09-05 10:31:40 +0900 Wonchul Lee <>
* gst-libs/gst/adaptivedemux/gstadaptivedemux.c:
adaptivedemux: prevent to propagate source flag to itself
2016-09-10 20:51:27 +1000 Jan Schmidt <>
* common:
Automatic update of common submodule
From b18d820 to f980fd9
2016-09-10 09:54:09 +1000 Jan Schmidt <>
* common:
Automatic update of common submodule
From 2c31690 to b18d820
2016-09-09 23:24:01 +1000 Matthew Waters <>
* gst-libs/gst/gl/
meson/gl: use separate deps for gl and glx
e.g. passing with_gl_api=gles2 would still build the glx code but not be
linking against the libGL library which is where the glX* functions are
located and would result in a linker error.
Solved by checking for the libGL library if either opengl or glx may be
needed and then disabling the corresponding deps as requested.
2016-09-09 16:55:23 +1000 Matthew Waters <>
* ext/
* ext/vulkan/
* ext/vulkan/vkconfig.h.meson:
meson: add build files for vulkan
2016-09-09 16:36:03 +1000 Matthew Waters <>
* ext/gtk/
* ext/
meson: add build files for the gtk plugin
2016-09-09 11:08:53 +1000 Matthew Waters <>
* ext/gl/
* ext/
* gst-libs/gst/gl/gstglconfig.h.meson:
* gst-libs/gst/gl/
* gst-libs/gst/
* meson_options.txt:
* pkgconfig/
meson: add some starting build files for GL
Currently only works on linux with egl/glx + wayland/x11 but the general
principals have been layed out for adding the other GL platforms/winsys'.
2016-09-08 11:23:57 -0400 Nicolas Dufresne <>
* sys/kms/gstkmssink.c:
kmssink: Scale up to the screen dimension
In most display sink, the logic is to use as much as possible
of the given window. In this case, the window is the screen,
hence it's logical to scale up.
2016-09-08 11:21:09 -0400 Nicolas Dufresne <>
* sys/kms/gstkmssink.c:
kmssink: Fix selection of source region
The source region was scaled for display before being passed
to drmModeSetPlane, which resulted in a portion of the video
being cropped. While when crop meta was present, the rectangle
was not centered since we where using unscaled width/height.
2016-09-08 08:40:59 +0100 Julien Isorce <>
* gst-libs/gst/player/gstplayer.h:
gstplayer: remove leftover update_interval api
old: gst_player_set_position_update_interval
new: gst_player_config_set_position_update_interval
2016-09-01 19:46:31 +1000 Matthew Waters <>
* ext/vulkan/vkupload.c:
vkupload: add video/x-raw to the VulkanBuffer uploader
Allows upstream elements that use our memory to passthrough without copying.
2016-09-01 19:43:59 +1000 Matthew Waters <>
* ext/vulkan/vkutils.c:
vkutils: set the last element of the layer array to NULL
g_strv* functions require this to not read off the end of the array.
2016-09-07 20:11:55 +0100 Alistair Buxton <>
* tests/examples/gl/clutter/
gl/examples: Really remove references to $(GST_PLUGINS_GL_*).
These seem to have been missed in the previous commit to this file.
2016-09-07 20:07:26 +0100 Alistair Buxton <>
* gst-libs/gst/gl/
gl: Remove duplicate GL_CFLAGS in
2016-08-05 18:17:32 +0200 Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal <>
* sys/kms/gstkmsallocator.c:
kmssink: override stride if defined in driver
Some kms drivers demands specific pitches over the ones calculated by
GstVideoInfo. For example, intel driver demands strides round up 64.
This patch queries the driver for the prefered pitch and overwrites it
in the pool's GstVideoInfo structure.
2016-09-06 16:05:53 -0300 Thibault Saunier <>
* gst-libs/gst/base/gstaggregator.c:
aggregator: Use the event_full function for GstAggregatorPads
Allowing us to tell GstPad why we are failing an event, which might
be because we are 'flushing' even if the sinkpad is not in flush state
at that point.
2016-09-06 13:13:39 +0800 Haihua Hu <>
* ext/qt/
qmlglsink: check qt_context_ first in GstQSGTexture::bind()
When start qmlglsink app, it will set NULL buffer to GstQSGTexture
in which case that qt_context_ will be a random value and cause
gst_gl_context_activate() fail.
2016-09-06 20:00:07 +1000 Matthew Waters <>
build/vulkan: fix winsys detection based on the previously set variables
The X11/Wayland winsys checks weren't being used to enable the vulkan element.
Use them.
2016-09-06 11:02:06 +0200 Philippe Normand <>
* ext/srtp/gstsrtpenc.c:
srtpenc: prevent deadlock in create_session
Temporarily release the object lock which is needed to post error
messages on the bus.
2016-09-05 22:30:01 -0300 Thibault Saunier <>
meson: Fix building with meson 0.34 when using subprojects
When using subproject meson.source_root() returns the root
directory of the toplevel project which break build.
Upstream meson bug:
2016-09-05 12:22:17 -0300 Thibault Saunier <>
meson: Bump version to 1.9.2
2016-09-05 14:44:24 +1000 Alessandro Decina <>
* ext/gl/gstgluploadelement.c:
glupload: create the GstGLUpload object in ::transform_caps
Previously it was created in the init function and destroyed in ::stop, which
lead to segfaults when reusing the element.
Now the upload object is created in ::transform_caps if it is NULL, which is the
earliest we need it. The other vfuncs already bail out if the upload object is
NULL, which means that negotiation wasn't done.
2016-08-29 11:40:54 +0900 Wonchul Lee <>
* gst/mpegtsdemux/gstmpegdefs.h:
* gst/mpegtsdemux/tsdemux.c:
tsdemux: Support ATSC EAC3
EAC3 bit streams shall be identified with a stream_type value of 0x87 when
transmitted as PES streams conforming to ATSC-published standards. It is specified
in ATSC Standard A/52.
2016-09-01 14:25:58 +0300 Sebastian Dröge <>
* sys/decklink/gstdecklinkvideosink.cpp:
* sys/decklink/gstdecklinkvideosrc.cpp:
decklink: Fix-up last commit that was not meant to be pushed yet
2016-09-01 14:18:33 +0300 Sebastian Dröge <>
* sys/decklink/gstdecklinkaudiosink.cpp:
* sys/decklink/gstdecklinkvideosink.cpp:
decklink: Fix indentation
2016-09-01 14:17:48 +0300 Sebastian Dröge <>
* sys/decklink/gstdecklinkvideosink.cpp: