Commit 6dca8f5c authored by David Waring's avatar David Waring Committed by Thiago Santos
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dashdemux: Fix detection for the end of segment.

The segment start time is calculated as the offset into the current segment.
The old condition to detect the end of period (i.e. segment start time >
period start + period duration) failed when the period start was not 0 since
the segment start time does not take the period start time into account.
Fix this detection by only comparing the segment start to the period duration.
parent fb760a56
......@@ -2955,7 +2955,7 @@ gst_mpdparser_get_chunk_by_index (GstMpdClient * client, guint indexStream,
segment->duration = duration;
segment->SegmentURL = NULL;
if (segment->start_time > stream_period->start + stream_period->duration) {
if (segment->start_time > stream_period->duration) {
return FALSE;
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