Commit 5fd2fc30 authored by Sebastian Dröge's avatar Sebastian Dröge 🍵

hlsdemux: Don't error out if we can't match variant playlists after updating

It's better to just select some random variant playlist instead of stopping,
chances are that it's still continuing to work and we might just have to
select a different variant again later.
parent bb36ffb6
......@@ -925,15 +925,16 @@ gst_m3u8_client_update_variant_playlist (GstM3U8Client * self, gchar * data,
if (unmatched_lists != NULL) {
g_list_free (unmatched_lists);
GST_WARNING ("Unable to match all playlists");
/* We should attempt to handle the case where playlists are dropped/replaced,
* and possibly switch over to a comparable (not neccessarily identical)
* playlist.
("Cannot update variant playlist, unable to match all playlists");
goto out;
for (list_entry = unmatched_lists; list_entry;
list_entry = list_entry->next) {
if (list_entry->data == self->current) {
GST_WARNING ("Unable to match current playlist");
g_list_free (unmatched_lists);
/* Switch out the variant playlist */
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