Commit 572a283b authored by Nirbheek Chauhan's avatar Nirbheek Chauhan 🐜

meson: orc-test is not required

This is especially never available on iOS.
parent cd55f863
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......@@ -156,9 +156,8 @@ if have_orcc
# FIXME: there should really just be a separate orc-test-0.4.pc file for this
if orc_dep.type_name() == 'pkgconfig'
orc_test_dep = cc.find_library('orc-test-0.4', required : false)
if not orc_test_dep.found()
orc_test_dep = dependency('', fallback: ['orc', 'orc_test_dep'])
orc_test_dep = dependency('', fallback: ['orc', 'orc_test_dep'], required: false)
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