Commit 56e2405a authored by Gwenole Beauchesne's avatar Gwenole Beauchesne

codecparsers: h264: add inferred value for slice_beta_offset_div2.

The standard specifies that when slice_beta_offset_div2 is not present
in the slice header, then the value of slice_beta_offset_div2 shall be
inferred to be equal to 0. default avatarGwenole Beauchesne <>
parent 8d837cba
......@@ -1815,6 +1815,7 @@ gst_h264_parser_parse_slice_hdr (GstH264NalParser * nalparser,
slice->num_ref_idx_l1_active_minus1 = pps->num_ref_idx_l1_active_minus1;
slice->disable_deblocking_filter_idc = 0;
slice->slice_alpha_c0_offset_div2 = 0;
slice->slice_beta_offset_div2 = 0;
if (sps->separate_colour_plane_flag)
READ_UINT8 (&nr, slice->colour_plane_id, 2);
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