Commit 50140388 authored by Wim Taymans's avatar Wim Taymans

opuspay: remove pointless caps serialization

Remove the caps serialization in the rtp caps. the spec nor the receiver
does anything with it.

parent 2c02e256
......@@ -94,16 +94,10 @@ static gboolean
gst_rtp_opus_pay_setcaps (GstRTPBasePayload * payload, GstCaps * caps)
gboolean res;
gchar *capsstr;
capsstr = gst_caps_to_string (caps);
gst_rtp_base_payload_set_options (payload, "audio", FALSE,
res =
gst_rtp_base_payload_set_outcaps (payload, "caps", G_TYPE_STRING, capsstr,
g_free (capsstr);
res = gst_rtp_base_payload_set_outcaps (payload, NULL);
return res;
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