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Commit 4964db6a authored by Gwenole Beauchesne's avatar Gwenole Beauchesne Committed by Vincent Penquerc'h

codecparsers: h264: fix parsing of VUI parameters.

max_dec_frame_buffering was mis-parsed because log2_max_mv_length_vertical
was parsed twice.

parent dcc13e3e
......@@ -623,7 +623,6 @@ gst_h264_parse_vui_parameters (GstH264SPS * sps, NalReader * nr)
READ_UE_ALLOWED (nr, vui->max_bits_per_mb_denom, 0, 16);
READ_UE_ALLOWED (nr, vui->log2_max_mv_length_horizontal, 0, 16);
READ_UE_ALLOWED (nr, vui->log2_max_mv_length_vertical, 0, 16);
READ_UE_ALLOWED (nr, vui->log2_max_mv_length_vertical, 0, 16);
READ_UE (nr, vui->num_reorder_frames);
READ_UE (nr, vui->max_dec_frame_buffering);
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