Commit 2a539425 authored by Xabier Rodríguez Calvar's avatar Xabier Rodríguez Calvar Committed by Tim-Philipp Müller

mssdemux: fix protection data double free

For not being duplicated here it was being freed when the manifest was
being destroyed and a second time when the buffer was being destroyed.
parent 41525543
......@@ -489,7 +489,7 @@ gst_mss_demux_setup_streams (GstAdaptiveDemux * demux)
if (protected) {
GstBuffer *protection_buffer =
gst_buffer_new_wrapped ((gpointer) protection_data,
gst_buffer_new_wrapped (g_strdup (protection_data),
strlen (protection_data));
GstEvent *event =
gst_event_new_protection (protection_system_id, protection_buffer,
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