Commit 0caa4cdf authored by Andrey Utkin's avatar Andrey Utkin Committed by Thiago Santos

tsdemux: Fix leak of PCROffsetGroup
parent dfd23a31
......@@ -94,12 +94,21 @@ get_pcr_table (MpegTSPacketizer2 * packetizer, guint16 pid)
return res;
static void
pcr_offset_group_free (PCROffsetGroup * group)
g_free (group->values);
g_slice_free (PCROffsetGroup, group);
static void
flush_observations (MpegTSPacketizer2 * packetizer)
gint i;
for (i = 0; i < packetizer->lastobsid; i++) {
g_list_free_full (packetizer->observations[i]->groups,
(GDestroyNotify) pcr_offset_group_free);
if (packetizer->observations[i]->current)
g_slice_free (PCROffsetCurrent, packetizer->observations[i]->current);
g_free (packetizer->observations[i]);
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