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    tagging stuff and build fixes. In detail: · 803ff8f4
    Benjamin Otte authored
    Original commit message from CVS:
    tagging stuff and build fixes. In detail:
    - make gdk-pixbuf loader work when distchecking
    - fix invalid syntax in ffmpeg Makefile. wildcards for EXTRA_DIST are not allowed. This broke builds where distdir != srcdir
    - fix ffmpeg cvs grabbing when srcdir != distdir
    - new id3tag plugin for id3 tag reading/writing (uses mad's libid3tag)
    - mad and libid3tag require mad/libid3tag v0.15. Fixed configure to require that
    - added ogg demuxer in ext/ogg. The demuxer does not handle events yet. Especially getting seeking right will require some effort or code copying from libvorbis.
    - added raw vorbis detection to typefinding. oggdemux requires a typefind function to detect its contents.
    - tags plugin in gst/tags. Provides API in <gst/tags/gsttagediting.h>. API includes tag matching GStreamer <=> ID3 and GStreamer <=> vorbis and writing/reading vorbiscomments or ID3v1 tags. Also included is a simple vorbiscomment reader/writer. Writing will not really work though until someone writes oggmux.
    - various build fixes. Mostly missing (DIST)CLEANFILES.
    - vorbisenc handles tag writing.
    Now it's YOUR turn to fix and write more plugins that handle writing/reading of tags. :)
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