Commit d1b857d8 authored by Stefan Sauer's avatar Stefan Sauer

docs: make the docs build again

They are still bad, but if we don't want to have them, we should rather remove this totally.
parent 82c0c89c
......@@ -90,10 +90,8 @@ AC_PATH_PROG(VALGRIND_PATH, valgrind, no)
dnl check for documentation tools
dnl *** checks for libraries ***
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ DOC_MAIN_SGML_FILE=$(DOC_MODULE)-docs.sgml
# The directory containing the source code.
# gtk-doc will search all .c & .h files beneath here for inline comments
# documenting functions and macros.
DOC_SOURCE_DIR = $(top_srcdir)/ext/ffmpeg
DOC_SOURCE_DIR = $(top_srcdir)/ext/libav
# Extra options to supply to gtkdoc-scan.
......@@ -32,8 +32,8 @@ MKDB_OPTIONS=--sgml-mode
# Used for dependencies.
# Header files to ignore when scanning.
......@@ -47,7 +47,8 @@ IGNORE_CFILES =
# but I'm not sure about that - it might be this Just Works given that
# the registry won't have the element
EXTRA_HFILES = $(DOC_SOURCE_DIR)/gstffmpegenc.c
# huh? thats not a header
#EXTRA_HFILES = $(DOC_SOURCE_DIR)/gstffmpegenc.c
# Images to copy into HTML directory.
......@@ -28,6 +28,6 @@
<title>gst-ffmpeg Plugins</title>
<xi:include href="xml/plugin-ffmpeg.xml" />
<xi:include href="xml/plugin-libav.xml" />
This diff is collapsed.
This diff is collapsed.
GstAudioEncoder GstPreset
GstBin GstChildProxy
GstPipeline GstChildProxy
GstVideoEncoder GstPreset
avenc_a64multi GstPreset
avenc_a64multi5 GstPreset
avenc_aac GstPreset
avenc_ac3 GstPreset
avenc_ac3_fixed GstPreset
avenc_adpcm_adx GstPreset
avenc_adpcm_ima_qt GstPreset
avenc_adpcm_ima_wav GstPreset
avenc_adpcm_ms GstPreset
avenc_adpcm_swf GstPreset
avenc_adpcm_yamaha GstPreset
avenc_alac GstPreset
avenc_asv1 GstPreset
avenc_asv2 GstPreset
avenc_bmp GstPreset
avenc_cljr GstPreset
avenc_comfortnoise GstPreset
avenc_dnxhd GstPreset
avenc_dpx GstPreset
avenc_dvvideo GstPreset
avenc_eac3 GstPreset
avenc_ffv1 GstPreset
avenc_ffvhuff GstPreset
avenc_flashsv GstPreset
avenc_flv GstPreset
avenc_g722 GstPreset
avenc_g726 GstPreset
avenc_h261 GstPreset
avenc_h263 GstPreset
avenc_h263p GstPreset
avenc_huffyuv GstPreset
avenc_jpegls GstPreset
avenc_ljpeg GstPreset
avenc_mjpeg GstPreset
avenc_mp2 GstPreset
avenc_mpeg1video GstPreset
avenc_mpeg2video GstPreset
avenc_mpeg4 GstPreset
avenc_msmpeg4 GstPreset
avenc_msmpeg4v2 GstPreset
avenc_nellymoser GstPreset
avenc_pam GstPreset
avenc_pbm GstPreset
avenc_pcx GstPreset
avenc_pgm GstPreset
avenc_pgmyuv GstPreset
avenc_png GstPreset
avenc_ppm GstPreset
avenc_prores GstPreset
avenc_qtrle GstPreset
avenc_real_144 GstPreset
avenc_roq_dpcm GstPreset
avenc_roqvideo GstPreset
avenc_rv10 GstPreset
avenc_rv20 GstPreset
avenc_sgi GstPreset
avenc_sunrast GstPreset
avenc_svq1 GstPreset
avenc_targa GstPreset
avenc_tiff GstPreset
avenc_utvideo GstPreset
avenc_v410 GstPreset
avenc_wmav1 GstPreset
avenc_wmav2 GstPreset
avenc_wmv1 GstPreset
avenc_wmv2 GstPreset
avenc_xbm GstPreset
avenc_xwd GstPreset
avenc_zmbv GstPreset
avmux_3g2 GstTagSetter
avmux_3gp GstTagSetter
avmux_a64 GstTagSetter
avmux_adts GstTagSetter
avmux_adx GstTagSetter
avmux_aiff GstTagSetter
avmux_amr GstTagSetter
avmux_asf GstTagSetter
avmux_asf_stream GstTagSetter
avmux_au GstTagSetter
avmux_avi GstTagSetter
avmux_avm2 GstTagSetter
avmux_daud GstTagSetter
avmux_dv GstTagSetter
avmux_dvd GstTagSetter
avmux_f4v GstTagSetter
avmux_ffm GstTagSetter
avmux_filmstrip GstTagSetter
avmux_flv GstTagSetter
avmux_gxf GstTagSetter
avmux_hds GstTagSetter
avmux_hls GstTagSetter
avmux_ilbc GstTagSetter
avmux_ipod GstTagSetter
avmux_ismv GstTagSetter
avmux_ivf GstTagSetter
avmux_latm GstTagSetter
avmux_matroska GstTagSetter
avmux_md5 GstTagSetter
avmux_mmf GstTagSetter
avmux_mov GstTagSetter
avmux_mp2 GstTagSetter
avmux_mp3 GstTagSetter
avmux_mp4 GstTagSetter
avmux_mpeg GstTagSetter
avmux_mpegts GstTagSetter
avmux_mpjpeg GstTagSetter
avmux_mxf GstTagSetter
avmux_mxf_d10 GstTagSetter
avmux_nut GstTagSetter
avmux_ogg GstTagSetter
avmux_oma GstTagSetter
avmux_psp GstTagSetter
avmux_rcv GstTagSetter
avmux_rm GstTagSetter
avmux_rso GstTagSetter
avmux_smjpeg GstTagSetter
avmux_smoothstreaming GstTagSetter
avmux_sox GstTagSetter
avmux_spdif GstTagSetter
avmux_svcd GstTagSetter
avmux_swf GstTagSetter
avmux_vcd GstTagSetter
avmux_vob GstTagSetter
avmux_voc GstTagSetter
avmux_wav GstTagSetter
avmux_webm GstTagSetter
avmux_yuv4mpegpipe GstTagSetter
ffmux_3g2 GstTagSetter
ffmux_3gp GstTagSetter
ffmux_amr GstTagSetter
ffmux_asf GstTagSetter
ffmux_dv GstTagSetter
......@@ -9,7 +140,5 @@ ffmux_mmf GstTagSetter
ffmux_mov GstTagSetter
ffmux_mp4 GstTagSetter
ffmux_mpeg GstTagSetter
ffmux_vob GstTagSetter
ffmux_mpegts GstTagSetter
ffmux_3g2 GstTagSetter
ffmux_3gp GstTagSetter
ffmux_vob GstTagSetter
GstChildProxy GObject
GstChildProxy GstObject
GstTagSetter GstElement
GstTagSetter GstObject GstElement
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