ffmpeg updates

Original commit message from CVS:
ffmpeg updates
parent 8ba3ae39
dnl slurp-ffmpeg.m4 0.1.2
dnl slurp-ffmpeg.m4 0.1.1
dnl a macro to slurp in ffmpeg's cvs source inside a project tree
dnl taken from Autostar Sandbox, http://autostars.sourceforge.net/
......@@ -18,29 +18,33 @@ dnl a date spec)
# save original dir
# get/update cvs
if test ! -d $1; then mkdir -p $1; fi
cd $1
dnl we need to check $srcdir/$1 or it will always checkout ffmpeg even if it is there
dnl at least when top_srcdir != top_builddir.
dnl FIXME: unfortunately this makes the checkout go into top_srcdir
cd $srcdir/$1
if test ! -d ffmpeg/CVS; then
if test ! -e ffmpeg/README; then
# check out cvs code
AC_MSG_NOTICE(checking out ffmpeg cvs code from $2 into $1)
cvs -Q -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.ffmpeg.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/ffmpeg co -D '$2' ffmpeg || FAILED=yes
cd ffmpeg
cvs -Q -z4 -d:pserver:anonymous@mplayerhq.hu:/cvsroot/ffmpeg co -D '$2' ffmpeg || FAILED=yes
# compare against Tag file and see if it needs updating
if diff -q Tag ffmpeg/CVS/Tag > /dev/null 2> /dev/null
# diff returned no problem
if test "`cat Tag`" == "$2"; then
AC_MSG_NOTICE(ffmpeg cvs code in sync)
# diff says they differ
cd ffmpeg
AC_MSG_NOTICE(updating ffmpeg cvs code)
cvs -Q update -dP -D '$2' || FAILED=yes
AC_MSG_NOTICE(updating ffmpeg cvs code to $2)
cvs -Q -z4 update -dP -D '$2' || FAILED=yes
cd ..
if test "x$FAILED" != "xyes"; then
echo "$2" > Tag
# now go back
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