Commit 3a047612 authored by David I. Lehn's avatar David I. Lehn

check for type register failures

Original commit message from CVS:
check for type register failures
parent ee27cce6
common @ 50879a63
Subproject commit bbd74e96ef37a7d437930f85f939a6a7d36dd012
Subproject commit 50879a63c4fa8f2544d4d89a9dbfa0f5720c3266
......@@ -569,8 +569,9 @@ gst_ffmpegenc_register (GstPlugin *plugin)
goto next;
/* create the gtk type now */
/* create the glib type now */
type = g_type_register_static(GST_TYPE_ELEMENT, type_name , &typeinfo, 0);
g_return_val_if_fail(type != 0, FALSE);
/* construct the element details struct */
details = g_new0 (GstElementDetails,1);
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