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      HACKING: Add some basic documentation on how our wrapping works. · 7b63c14e
      Ronald S. Bultje authored
      Original commit message from CVS:
      * HACKING:
      Add some basic documentation on how our wrapping works.
      * TODO:
      Add a list of things that could be worked on or that need doing.
      * configure.ac:
      Update snapshot.
      * ext/ffmpeg/Makefile.am:
      Changne .la links. See below (autotools patch).
      * ext/ffmpeg/gstffmpeg.c: (plugin_init):
      Enable demuxers. See below (gstffmpegdemux.c).
      * ext/ffmpeg/gstffmpegcodecmap.c: (gst_ffmpeg_formatid_to_caps):
      Realmedia caused a crash - fix that.
      * ext/ffmpeg/gstffmpegdemux.c: (gst_ffmpegdemux_averror),
      (gst_ffmpegdemux_base_init), (gst_ffmpegdemux_init),
      (gst_ffmpegdemux_close), (gst_ffmpegdemux_dispose),
      (gst_ffmpegdemux_src_event_mask), (gst_ffmpegdemux_src_event),
      (gst_ffmpegdemux_src_query_list), (gst_ffmpegdemux_src_query),
      (gst_ffmpegdemux_src_convert), (gst_ffmpegdemux_add),
      (gst_ffmpegdemux_open), (gst_ffmpegdemux_loop),
      (gst_ffmpegdemux_change_state), (gst_ffmpegdemux_register):
      Right. OK, so I fixed up the demuxing and have it basically-working,
      and the best way to get some more people to test it is to actually
      enable it. I'm not sure if we want this for 0.8.0, but we can at
      least give it a try. I've tested avi, matroska and mpeg, all appear
      to work. The cool thing is that this gives us instant support for
      several exotic formats that we'd never care about ourselves. Again,
      this needs more testing for it to still be enabled in 0.8.0, but I
      want to give it a try...
      * ext/ffmpeg/gstffmpegmux.c: (gst_ffmpegmux_base_init),
      (gst_ffmpegmux_init), (gst_ffmpegmux_request_new_pad),
      (gst_ffmpegmux_connect), (gst_ffmpegmux_loop),
      Add some fixups that I use locally. Make it work in the case of
      MPEG encoding, but the muxer is still not in shape to be enabled.
      * ext/ffmpeg/gstffmpegprotocol.c: (gst_ffmpegdata_open),
      (gst_ffmpegdata_read), (gst_ffmpegdata_write),
      (gst_ffmpegdata_seek), (gst_ffmpegdata_close):
      Some small fixups that crept into it while it was disabled for the
      last few years. Basically works.
      * gst-libs/ext/ffmpeg/Makefile.am:
      Instead of having our local-autotoolized version, I patch the ffmpeg
      source to be fully autotoolized. That means a simple SUBDIRS here
      is now enough.
      * gst-libs/ext/ffmpeg/Tag:
      Version update.
      * gst-libs/ext/ffmpeg/patch/autotools.diff:
      Autotoolize ffmpeg. Needs to be sent to ffmpeg-devel@...
      * gst-libs/ext/ffmpeg/patch/disableinstalllibs.diff:
      Don't install their libs.
      * gst-libs/ext/ffmpeg/patch/disablemmx.diff:
      Don't use MMX. It cannot ocmpile using PIC.
      * gst-libs/ext/ffmpeg/patch/disabletools.diff:
      Don't compile/install their tools, we don't use them.
      * gst-libs/ext/ffmpeg/patch/functions.diff:
      Prevent symbol conflicts.
      * gst-libs/ext/ffmpeg/patch/matroska.diff:
      Add a matroska demuxer. Needs to be sent to ffmpeg-devel@...
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