Commit ed1ea6f0 authored by Sjoerd Simons's avatar Sjoerd Simons Committed by Wim Taymans
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ffmpegenc: Don't try to set caps to NULL

parent 6d1203e5
......@@ -249,9 +249,6 @@ gst_ffmpegaudenc_setcaps (GstFFMpegAudEnc * ffmpegaudenc, GstCaps * caps)
if (ffmpegaudenc->opened) {
gst_ffmpeg_avcodec_close (ffmpegaudenc->context);
ffmpegaudenc->opened = FALSE;
/* fixed src caps;
* so clear src caps for proper (re-)negotiation */
gst_pad_set_caps (ffmpegaudenc->srcpad, NULL);
/* set defaults */
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