Commit e799091c authored by David Schleef's avatar David Schleef Committed by Edward Hervey
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configure: Remove -gnu from target_os

Fixes #651768.
parent 2f638309
......@@ -312,9 +312,10 @@ else
# if we are cross-compiling, tell ffmpeg so
target_os=`echo $host_os | sed 's/-gnu//'`
if test "x$cross_compiling" = xyes; then
embffmpeg_configure_args="$embffmpeg_configure_args --enable-cross-compile \
--target-os=$host_os --arch=$host_cpu --cross-prefix=$host_alias-"
--target-os=$target_os --arch=$host_cpu --cross-prefix=$host_alias-"
case $host_os in
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