Commit 9a1c9096 authored by Thijs Vermeir's avatar Thijs Vermeir Committed by Sebastian Dröge
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avviddec: rename hevc decoder element to h265 for consistency

We use h265 for the parser, typefinder, caps, etc. everywhere.
parent 74b76975
......@@ -1977,7 +1977,11 @@ gst_ffmpegviddec_register (GstPlugin * plugin)
/* construct the type */
plugin_name = g_strdup ((gchar *) in_plugin->name);
if (!strcmp (in_plugin->name, "hevc")) {
plugin_name = g_strdup ("h265");
} else {
plugin_name = g_strdup ((gchar *) in_plugin->name);
g_strdelimit (plugin_name, NULL, '_');
type_name = g_strdup_printf ("avdec_%s", plugin_name);
g_free (plugin_name);
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