Commit 95fe6ca0 authored by Raimo Järvi's avatar Raimo Järvi Committed by Edward Hervey

codecmap: Don't create dummy extradata for AAC LATM

If extradata is created for LATM, libav will use it for initialising AAC
decoder and decoding will fail.

Fixes bug #652812.
parent 82ac8b1e
......@@ -2387,7 +2387,7 @@ gst_ffmpeg_caps_with_codecid (enum CodecID codec_id,
GST_DEBUG ("have codec data of size %d", size);
} else if (context->extradata == NULL) {
} else if (context->extradata == NULL && codec_id != CODEC_ID_AAC_LATM) {
/* no extradata, alloc dummy with 0 sized, some codecs insist on reading
* extradata anyway which makes then segfault. */
context->extradata =
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