Commit 7ae8b453 authored by Wim Taymans's avatar Wim Taymans

ffmpegdec: react to the reconfigure event

Also renegotiate the caps and bufferpool when we have a rereconfigure event
parent dc12f1c9
......@@ -1211,6 +1211,8 @@ gst_ffmpegdec_video_negotiate (GstFFMpegDec * ffmpegdec, gboolean force)
oclass = (GstFFMpegDecClass *) (G_OBJECT_GET_CLASS (ffmpegdec));
force |= gst_pad_check_reconfigure (ffmpegdec->srcpad);
/* first check if anything changed */
if (!update_video_context (ffmpegdec, force))
return TRUE;
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