Commit 78fd1ac9 authored by Thomas Vander Stichele's avatar Thomas Vander Stichele
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remove the configure that keeps conflicting

Original commit message from CVS:
remove the configure that keeps conflicting
parent db7d4a1d
...@@ -88,6 +88,10 @@ if test -f disable; then ...@@ -88,6 +88,10 @@ if test -f disable; then
done done
fi fi
# remove ffmpeg's configure, it's going to get created anyway and it probably
# conflicted before this too
rm -f gst-libs/ext/ffmpeg/configure
# now, run ffmpeg's autogen # now, run ffmpeg's autogen
echo "+ running in gst-libs/ext/ffmpeg" echo "+ running in gst-libs/ext/ffmpeg"
cd gst-libs/ext/ffmpeg cd gst-libs/ext/ffmpeg
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