Commit 58728917 authored by Thiago Santos's avatar Thiago Santos

avdemux: remove legacy check from pad-alloc times

The 'no_buffer' error case is from the 0.10 era when a pad_alloc was
made before decoding the data and avdemuxer could check again the
flow returns for a not-linked. This isn't a valid use case anymore in
parent cf4313f7
......@@ -1430,9 +1430,6 @@ gst_ffmpegdemux_loop (GstFFMpegDemux * demux)
outbuf = gst_buffer_new_and_alloc (outsize);
if ((ret = gst_ffmpegdemux_aggregated_flow (demux)) != GST_FLOW_OK)
goto no_buffer;
/* copy the data from packet into the target buffer
* and do conversions for raw video packets */
if (rawvideo) {
......@@ -1582,11 +1579,6 @@ drop:
goto done;
av_free_packet (&pkt);
goto pause;
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