Commit 57b19703 authored by Wim Taymans's avatar Wim Taymans

avcodecmap: place supported profiles in mpeg4 caps

Place the supported profiles in the srcpad caps of the mpeg4 encoder.
parent 9d0e1ece
......@@ -978,7 +978,7 @@ gst_ffmpeg_codecid_to_caps (enum AVCodecID codec_id,
case GST_MAKE_FOURCC ('m', 'p', '4', 'v'):
/* FIXME: bitrate */
/* FIXME: bitrate. libav doesn't expose the used profile and level */
caps =
gst_ff_vid_caps_new (context, NULL, codec_id, encode,
"video/mpeg", "systemstream", G_TYPE_BOOLEAN, FALSE,
......@@ -991,7 +991,22 @@ gst_ffmpeg_codecid_to_caps (enum AVCodecID codec_id,
gst_ff_vid_caps_new (context, NULL, codec_id, encode, "video/mpeg",
"mpegversion", G_TYPE_INT, 4, "systemstream", G_TYPE_BOOLEAN, FALSE,
if (encode) {
GValue arr = { 0, };
GValue item = { 0, };
g_value_init (&arr, GST_TYPE_LIST);
g_value_init (&item, G_TYPE_STRING);
g_value_set_string (&item, "simple");
gst_value_list_append_value (&arr, &item);
g_value_set_string (&item, "advanced-simple");
gst_value_list_append_value (&arr, &item);
g_value_unset (&item);
gst_caps_set_value (caps, "profile", &arr);
g_value_unset (&arr);
gst_caps_append (caps, gst_ff_vid_caps_new (context, NULL, codec_id,
encode, "video/x-divx", "divxversion", G_TYPE_INT, 5, NULL));
} else {
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