Commit 508ab716 authored by Tim-Philipp Müller's avatar Tim-Philipp Müller

ffmpegdemux: use gst_element_found_tags() for global tags

So we get a message on the bus *and* tag events pushed downstream.
parent d917f59a
......@@ -1218,8 +1218,7 @@ gst_ffmpegdemux_open (GstFFMpegDemux * demux)
tags = gst_ffmpegdemux_read_tags (demux);
if (tags) {
GST_INFO_OBJECT (demux, "global tags: %" GST_PTR_FORMAT, tags);
gst_element_post_message (GST_ELEMENT (demux),
gst_message_new_tag (GST_OBJECT (demux), tags));
gst_element_found_tags (GST_ELEMENT (demux), tags);
/* now handle the stream tags */
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