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Release 1.7.1

parent 8e466b73
=== release 1.7.1 ===
2015-12-24 Sebastian Dröge <>
releasing 1.7.1
2015-12-24 13:06:13 +0100 Sebastian Dröge <>
* ext/libav/gstavcodecmap.c:
avcodecmap: Add special mapping for mono channel layouts
In ffmpeg this is the same as FRONT_CENTER, but we distinguish between
FRONT_CENTER and MONO in GStreamer. Add an explicit mapping for this special
case in the translations functions.
2015-11-27 11:16:07 +0900 Vineeth TM <>
* ext/libav/gstavviddec.c:
* ext/libav/gstavviddec.h:
avviddec: remove realvideo slice_offset handling
Handling slice_offset in avviddec is resulting in invalid memory read.
Since rv decoders anyways handle slice_offset, removing the same to fix
memory mishandlings
2015-12-21 12:41:02 +0100 Sebastian Dröge <>
* gst-libs/ext/libav:
libav: Update to ffmpeg n2.8.4
2015-12-21 12:34:11 +0100 Sebastian Dröge <>
configure: Use -Bsymbolic-functions if available
While this is more useful for libraries, some of our plugins with multiple
files and some internal API can also benefit from this.
2015-12-16 09:36:25 +0100 Sebastian Dröge <>
* docs/plugins/gst-libav-plugins.hierarchy:
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-libav.xml:
docs: update to git
2015-12-07 09:11:30 -0500 Nicolas Dufresne <>
* common:
Automatic update of common submodule
From b319909 to 86e4663
2015-12-02 12:27:08 -0800 Reynaldo H. Verdejo Pinochet <>
* ext/libav/gstav.c:
Require libav provided by FFmpeg at run-time
Error out if system's libav* libraries are not
provided by FFmpeg. Libav-incompatible changes
were introduced to support the latter so we
can no longer support both.
2015-11-23 23:45:38 -0800 Reynaldo H. Verdejo Pinochet <>
Require libav provided by FFmpeg at build-time
Libav-incompatible changes were introduced to support
FFmpeg and we can no longer properly support Libav.
FFmpeg micro versions for libav* start at 100 (this was
done to differentiate from Libav builds). We use this
to bail at configure time if the system libav* libraries
are not provided by FFmpeg.
2015-12-01 15:12:22 +0200 Sebastian Dröge <>
* gst-libs/ext/libav:
libav: Update to n2.8.3
2015-11-30 19:01:41 +0200 Sebastian Dröge <>
* ext/libav/gstavviddec.c:
avviddec: Make sure to use a buffer pool with the correct width/height configured on it for pushing buffers downstream
If downstream does not provide a (usable) pool, we would use our internal
pool. But the internal pool might be configured with a different width/height
because of padding, which then will cause problems if we push buffers from it
directly downstream.
Instead create a new pool if the width/height is different.
This prevents crashes with vaapisink and d3dvideosink for example.
Based on the debugging results and discussions with
Nicolas Dufresne <>
2015-11-23 10:31:39 +0900 Vineeth T M <>
* ext/libav/gstavviddec.c:
avviddec: Fix structure memory leak
gst_structure_copy already takes a reference for config_copy.
No need to take another reference while setting it to buffer pool
2015-11-20 10:48:47 -0800 Reynaldo H. Verdejo Pinochet <>
* ext/libav/gstavvidenc.c:
Remove unnecessary NULL checks before g_free()
g_free() is NULL-safe
(Includes unrelated formatting change to go through
indent checker commit hook)
2015-11-12 10:44:25 +0100 Sebastian Dröge <>
* gst-libs/ext/libav:
libav: Update to n2.8.2
2015-11-07 12:11:57 -0500 Nicolas Dufresne <>
* ext/libav/gstavviddec.c:
avviddec: Don't fallback on allocation failure
Allocation should keep working, falling back causes the stride to
change which is not supported in direct rendering.
2015-11-02 10:00:55 +0900 Vineeth TM <>
* ext/libav/gstavvidenc.c:
avvidenc: Fix frame memory leak
The frame being passed to handle_frame should be unref'ed in all cases
2015-11-02 10:20:02 +0900 Vineeth TM <>
* ext/libav/gstavdemux.c:
avdemux: Fix string memory leaks
2015-10-26 19:54:10 +0100 Mark Nauwelaerts <>
* ext/libav/gstavviddec.c:
avviddec: _drain and _finish need slightly different handling
... since they handle separate cases in video decoder with different requirements.
Consider e.g. x264enc ! rtph264pay ! identity drop-probability=0.1 ! rtph264depay
to illustrate a need for such separation.
2015-10-21 14:37:05 +0100 Tim-Philipp Müller <>
* common:
Automatic update of common submodule
From b99800a to b319909
2015-10-20 17:29:42 +0300 Sebastian Dröge <>
2015-10-21 14:28:34 +0300 Sebastian Dröge <>
* common:
Automatic update of common submodule
From 9aed1d7 to b99800a
2015-10-16 18:52:57 +0300 Sebastian Dröge <>
* ext/libav/gstavviddec.c:
avviddec: Fix bufferpool config double free by taking a copy as needed
Also free the config in two code paths where we leaked it before.
2015-10-14 10:18:01 +0300 Sebastian Dröge <>
* gst-libs/ext/libav:
libav: Update to n2.8.1
2015-10-09 21:22:12 -0300 Thiago Santos <>
* ext/libav/gstavcodecmap.c:
avcodecmap: add jpeg2000 decoder mapping
Map the 3 possible jpeg2000 caps to JPEG2000 codec id
2015-10-03 18:25:35 +0100 Sebastian Dröge <>
* ext/libav/gstavcodecmap.c:
avcodecmap: Don't allocate dummy codec data anymore, it causes crashes nowadays
Multithreaded encoders are going to free this dummy codec data twice, e.g.
with this pipeline
gst-launch-1.0 videotestsrc num-buffers=40 ! \
videoconvert ! avenc_mjpeg ! fakesink
2015-10-03 18:14:05 +0100 Sebastian Dröge <>
* ext/libav/gstavvidenc.c:
avvidenc: Pass the correct user_data to gst_buffer_new_wrapped_full()
Fixes crash with e.g.
gst-launch-1.0 videotestsrc num-buffers=40 ! \
videoconvert ! avenc_huffyuv ! fakesink
2015-10-02 23:02:01 +0300 Sebastian Dröge <>
* ext/libav/gstavutils.c:
* ext/libav/gstavutils.h:
libav: G_CONST_RETURN is deprecated since GLib 2.30
2015-10-02 22:26:36 +0300 Sebastian Dröge <>
Add configure check for GLib for consistency with other modules
2015-10-02 11:49:35 +0100 Luis de Bethencourt <>
* ext/libav/gstavviddec.c:
avviddec: only free config when pool doesn't take ownership
Since gst_buffer_pool_set_config() takes ownership of the config structure,
it is only necessary to free the structure before using it when the true
branch of if (gst_buffer_pool_config_validate_params) hasn't run.
gst_buffer_pool_set_config() always takes ownership of the structure
regardless of success or failure. Which means the return, checked with
if (!working_pool), has no relation to the state of the structure.
2015-08-28 15:15:39 +0100 Luis de Bethencourt <>
* ext/libav/gstavviddec.c:
avviddec: fix memory leak
Free config before overwriting.
CID #1320708
2015-09-25 23:51:15 +0200 Sebastian Dröge <>
Back to development
=== release 1.6.0 ===
2015-09-25 Sebastian Dröge <>
2015-09-25 23:32:21 +0200 Sebastian Dröge <>
* ChangeLog:
releasing 1.6.0
* docs/plugins/inspect/plugin-libav.xml:
* gst-libav.doap:
Release 1.6.0
=== release 1.5.91 ===
This is GStreamer 1.6.0
The GStreamer team is proud to announce a new major feature release in the
stable 1.x API series of your favourite cross-platform multimedia framework!
This release has been in the works for more than a year and is packed with new
features, bug fixes and other improvements.
See for the full list of
- Stereoscopic 3D and multiview video support
- Trick mode API for key-frame only fast-forward/fast-reverse playback etc.
- Improved DTS (decoding timestamp) vs. PTS (presentation timestamp) handling
to account for negative DTS
- New GstVideoConverter API for more optimised and more correct conversion of
raw video frames between all supported formats, with rescaling
- v4l2src now supports renegotiation
- v4l2transform can now do scaling
- V4L2 Element now report Colorimetry properly
- Easier chunked recording of MP4, Matroska, Ogg, MPEG-TS: new splitmuxsink
and multifilesink improvements
- Content Protection signalling API and Common Encryption (CENC) support for
- Many adaptive streaming (DASH, HLS and MSS) improvements
- New PTP and NTP network client clocks and better remote clock tracking
- High-quality text subtitle overlay at display resolutions with glimagesink
or gtkglsink
- RECORD support for the GStreamer RTSP Server
- Retransmissions (RTX) support in RTSP server and client
- RTSP seeking support in client and server has been fixed
- RTCP scheduling improvements and reduced size RTCP support
- MP4/MOV muxer acquired a new "robust" mode of operation which attempts to
keep the output file in a valid state at all times
- Live mixing support in aggregator, audiomixer and compositor was improved a
- compositor now supports rescaling and converting inputs streams on the fly
- New audiointerleave element with proper input synchronisation and live input
- Blackmagic Design DeckLink capture and playback card support was rewritten
from scratch; 2k/4k support; mode sensing
- KLV metadata support in RTP and MPEG-TS
- H.265 video encoder (x265), decoders (libav, libde265) and RTP payloader and
- New DTLS plugin and SRTP/DTLS support
- OpenGL3 support, multiple contexts and context propagation, 3D video,
transfer/conversion separation, subtitle blending
- New OpenGL-based QML video sink, Gtk GL video sink, CoreAnimation
CAOpenGLLayerSink video sink
- gst-libav switched to ffmpeg as libav-provider, gains support for
3D/multiview video, trick modes, and the CAVS codec
- GstHarness API for unit tests
- gst-editing-services got a completely new ges-launch-1.0 interface, improved
mixing support and integration into gst-validate
- gnonlin has been deprecated in favor of nle (Non Linear Engine) in
- gst-validate has a new plugin system, an extensive default testsuite,
support for concurrent test runs and valgrind support
- cerbero build tool for SDK binary packages gains new 'bundle-source' command
- Various improvements to the Android, iOS, OS X and Windows platform support
This is GStreamer 1.7.1
Release notes for GStreamer libav Plugins 1.6.0
Release notes for GStreamer libav Plugins 1.7.1
The GStreamer team is proud to announce a new major feature release in the
stable 1.x API series of your favourite cross-platform multimedia framework!
The GStreamer team is pleased to announce the first release of the unstable
1.7 release series. The 1.7 release series is adding new features on top of
the 1.0, 1.2, 1.4 and 1.6 series and is part of the API and ABI-stable 1.x release
series of the GStreamer multimedia framework. The unstable 1.7 release series
will lead to the stable 1.8 release series in the next weeks. Any newly added
API can still change until that point.
This release has been in the works for more than a year and is packed with new
features, bug fixes and other improvements.
for the full list of changes.
Binaries for Android, iOS, Mac OS X and Windows will be provided separately
during the unstable 1.7 release series.
......@@ -39,8 +38,13 @@ contains a set of less supported plugins that haven't passed the
There were no bugs fixed in this release
Bugs fixed in this release
* 759752 : [gst-libav] link error with clang or gcc on FreeBSD
* 754242 : avviddec: fix memory leak
* 754690 : libtool versions earlier than 2.4.4 fail with autoreconf
* 758726 : avviddec: slice offset handling of real video leads to memory mishandling.
* 759846 : incorrectly maps ffmpeg mono to GStreamer front-center
==== Download ====
......@@ -77,8 +81,13 @@ subscribe to the gstreamer-devel list.
Contributors to this release
* Jan Schmidt
* Luis de Bethencourt
* Mark Nauwelaerts
* Nicolas Dufresne
* Reynaldo H. Verdejo Pinochet
* Sebastian Dröge
* Thiago Santos
* Tim-Philipp Müller
* Vineeth T M
* Vineeth TM
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ AC_PREREQ(2.69)
dnl initialize autoconf
dnl when going to/from release please set the nano (fourth number) right !
dnl releases only do Wall, cvs and prerelease does Werror too
AC_INIT(GStreamer libav,,
AC_INIT(GStreamer libav, 1.7.1,,
......@@ -40,11 +40,11 @@ GST_API_VERSION=1.0
AS_LIBTOOL(GST, 700, 0, 700)
AS_LIBTOOL(GST, 701, 0, 701)
dnl *** required versions of GStreamer stuff ***
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -32,6 +32,36 @@ colorspace conversion elements.
<file-release rdf:resource="" />
<file-release rdf:resource="" />
<file-release rdf:resource="" />
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