Commit 5188475a authored by Stephan Hesse's avatar Stephan Hesse Committed by Sebastian Dröge

ios playback: remove time_slider.frame forced set (fix for non-functional slider UI)

It's unclear why this line was there, but it renders the slider
unresponsive currently
parent d6c033bf
......@@ -151,8 +151,6 @@
video_width_constraint.constant = correct_width;
video_height_constraint.constant = view_height;
time_slider.frame = CGRectMake(time_slider.frame.origin.x, time_slider.frame.origin.y, toolbar.frame.size.width - time_slider.frame.origin.x - 8, time_slider.frame.size.height);
static void video_dimensions_changed (GstPlayer * unused, gint width, gint height, VideoViewController * self)
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