Commit fb6aabfe authored by Mathieu Duponchelle's avatar Mathieu Duponchelle 🐸 Committed by Thibault Saunier
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timeline: pass the correct argument to disconnect_by_func.

fixes #709205
parent a1a9ac53
......@@ -2248,11 +2248,11 @@ track_element_removed_cb (GESTrack * track,
/* Disconnect all signal handlers */
g_signal_handlers_disconnect_by_func (track_element,
trackelement_start_changed_cb, NULL);
trackelement_start_changed_cb, timeline);
g_signal_handlers_disconnect_by_func (track_element,
trackelement_duration_changed_cb, NULL);
trackelement_duration_changed_cb, timeline);
g_signal_handlers_disconnect_by_func (track_element,
trackelement_priority_changed_cb, NULL);
trackelement_priority_changed_cb, timeline);
stop_tracking_track_element (timeline, track_element);
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