Commit eabfd98e authored by Sebastian Dröge's avatar Sebastian Dröge 🍵

gesdemux: Initialize debug category before first using it

Prevents critical warnings during class_init()
parent e0f8b54a
......@@ -191,10 +191,12 @@ ges_demux_class_init (GESDemuxClass * self_class)
GObjectClass *gclass = G_OBJECT_CLASS (self_class);
GstElementClass *gstelement_klass = GST_ELEMENT_CLASS (self_class);
GstCaps *sinkpad_caps = ges_demux_get_sinkpad_caps ();
GstCaps *sinkpad_caps;
GST_DEBUG_CATEGORY_INIT (gesdemux, "gesdemux", 0, "ges demux element");
sinkpad_caps = ges_demux_get_sinkpad_caps ();
gst_tag_register ("is-ges-timeline", GST_TAG_FLAG_META, G_TYPE_BOOLEAN,
"is-ges-timeline", "The stream is a ges timeline.", NULL);
gclass->get_property = ges_demux_get_property;
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