Commit e53b3fad authored by Henry Wilkes's avatar Henry Wilkes Committed by Thibault Saunier
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meta-container: add register_static_meta

Allows us to register a static meta without having to set a value.
parent a70d0198
......@@ -528,6 +528,55 @@ ges_meta_container_add_metas_from_string (GESMetaContainer * container,
return TRUE;
* ges_meta_container_register_static_meta:
* @container: Target container
* @flags: The #GESMetaFlag to be used
* @meta_item: Name of the meta item to register
* @type: The required data type for this meta
* Registers a static meta on @container. This method lets you define a
* static metadata, which means that @type will be the only type accepted
* for this meta on this particular @container. Unlike
* #ges_meta_container_register_meta, no initial value is set for this
* meta, which means you can use this method to reserve the meta under
* @meta_item to be optionally set later. Note, if a meta has already been
* set, but not registered, under @meta_item before calling this method,
* then its type must match @type, and its value will be left in place.
* Otherwise, you'll likely want to include #GES_META_WRITABLE in @flags
* to allow the value to be later set for this meta.
* Return: %TRUE if the meta could be registered, %FALSE otherwise
ges_meta_container_register_static_meta (GESMetaContainer * container,
GESMetaFlag flags, const gchar * meta_item, GType type)
GstStructure *structure;
g_return_val_if_fail (GES_IS_META_CONTAINER (container), FALSE);
g_return_val_if_fail (meta_item != NULL, FALSE);
/* If the meta is already in use, and is of a different type, then we
* want to fail since, unlike ges_meta_container_register_meta, we will
* not be overwriting this value! If we didn't fail, the user could have
* a false sense that this meta will always be of the reserved type.
structure = _meta_container_get_structure (container);
if (gst_structure_has_field (structure, meta_item) &&
gst_structure_get_field_type (structure, meta_item) != type) {
gchar *value_string =
g_strdup_value_contents (gst_structure_get_value (structure,
"Meta %s already assigned a value of %s, which is a different type",
meta_item, value_string);
g_free (value_string);
return FALSE;
return _register_meta (container, flags, meta_item, type);
#define CREATE_REGISTER_STATIC(name, value_ctype, value_gtype, setter_name) \
gboolean \
ges_meta_container_register_meta_ ## name (GESMetaContainer *container,\
......@@ -181,6 +181,12 @@ ges_meta_container_set_marker_list (GESMetaContainer * container,
const gchar * meta_item,
const GESMarkerList *list);
GES_API gboolean
ges_meta_container_register_static_meta (GESMetaContainer * container,
GESMetaFlag flags,
const gchar * meta_item,
GType type);
GES_API gboolean
ges_meta_container_register_meta_boolean (GESMetaContainer *container,
GESMetaFlag flags,
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