Commit c8b3e13a authored by Justin Kim's avatar Justin Kim Committed by Thibault Saunier
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structure-parser: define GES_STRUCTURE_PARSER macro

And fix trivial leakages of internal list structure.
parent 7d1e1010
......@@ -32,15 +32,10 @@ ges_structure_parser_init (GESStructureParser * self)
static void
_finalize (GObject * self)
GList *tmp;
for (tmp = ((GESStructureParser *) self)->structures; tmp; tmp = tmp->next) {
gst_structure_free (tmp->data);
GESStructureParser *parser = GES_STRUCTURE_PARSER (self);
for (tmp = ((GESStructureParser *) self)->wrong_strings; tmp; tmp = tmp->next) {
g_free (tmp->data);
g_list_free_full (parser->structures, (GDestroyNotify) gst_structure_free);
g_list_free_full (parser->wrong_strings, (GDestroyNotify) g_free);
static void
......@@ -26,6 +26,7 @@
#define GES_TYPE_STRUCTURE_PARSER ges_structure_parser_get_type()
typedef struct _GESStructureParser GESStructureParser;
typedef struct _GESStructureParserClass GESStructureParserClass;
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