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validate: Move to the new GstValidateEncodingTestInterface API

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......@@ -224,26 +224,8 @@ class GESRenderTest(GESTest, GstValidateEncodingTestInterface):
self.add_arguments("-f", profile, "-o", self.dest_file)
def check_results(self):
if self.result in [Result.PASSED, Result.NOT_RUN] and self.scenario is None:
if self.process.returncode != 0:
return super().check_results()
res, msg = self.check_encoded_file()
self.set_result(res, msg)
if self.result == utils.Result.TIMEOUT:
missing_eos = False
if utils.get_duration(self.dest_file) == self.project.get_duration():
missing_eos = True
except Exception as e:
if missing_eos is True:
self.set_result(utils.Result.TIMEOUT, "The rendered file had right duration, MISSING EOS?\n",
return GstValidateTest.check_results(self)
def get_current_value(self):
size = self.get_current_size()
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