Commit 30e9133c authored by Guillaume Desmottes's avatar Guillaume Desmottes 🐐

tests: clip: fix test_rate_effects_duration_limit

Fix this assertion:
g_value_copy: assertion 'g_value_type_compatible (G_VALUE_TYPE (src_value), G_VALUE_TYPE (dest_value))' failed

'tempo' is a float, not a double.

Part-of: <!199>
parent 50616ad2
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......@@ -4118,7 +4118,7 @@ GST_START_TEST (test_rate_effects_duration_limit)
_assert_set_rate (videorate, "rate", 0.1, dval);
assert_equals_int (limit_notify_count, 6);
_assert_set_rate (pitch, "tempo", 0.5, dval);
_assert_set_rate (pitch, "tempo", 0.5, fval);
assert_equals_int (limit_notify_count, 7);
_assert_duration_limit (clip, 256);
......@@ -4133,7 +4133,7 @@ GST_START_TEST (test_rate_effects_duration_limit)
_assert_rate_equal (pitch, "rate", 0.5, fval);
_assert_rate_equal (pitch, "tempo", 0.5, fval);
_assert_set_rate (pitch, "tempo", 1.0, dval);
_assert_set_rate (pitch, "tempo", 1.0, fval);
assert_equals_int (limit_notify_count, 8);
_assert_set_rate (videorate, "rate", 0.5, dval);
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