Commit 2e8528bb authored by Matthew Waters's avatar Matthew Waters 🐨

ges/timeline: remove unused function get_toplevel_container

Fixes -Werror build with clang:

../subprojects/gst-editing-services/ges/ges-timeline.c:695:1: warning: unused function 'get_toplevel_container' [-Wunused-function]
get_toplevel_container (gpointer element)
parent cec6fef8
......@@ -691,18 +691,6 @@ ges_timeline_init (GESTimeline * self)
/* Private methods */
static inline GESContainer *
get_toplevel_container (gpointer element)
GESTimelineElement *ret =
ges_timeline_element_get_toplevel_parent ((GESTimelineElement
*) (element));
/* We own a ref to the elements ourself */
gst_object_unref (ret);
return (GESContainer *) ret;
/* Sorting utils*/
static gint
sort_layers (gpointer a, gpointer b)
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