Commit 05d919a2 authored by Yeongjin Jeong's avatar Yeongjin Jeong
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uri-asset: Ensure that the discoverer stops on deinit.

Discoverer maintain a referernce on the discoverer object while
the async timeout callback is alive to prevent a potential crash
if the object is freed while the callback is pending.

But if g_main_context is released before calling the timeout callback,
the discoverer pointer which was weak referenced from GESUriClipAssetClass
will not be disposed because the discoverer object is not finalized.
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......@@ -773,6 +773,8 @@ ges_uri_source_asset_get_filesource_asset (GESUriSourceAsset * asset)
_ges_uri_asset_cleanup (void)
if (discoverer)
gst_discoverer_stop (discoverer);
g_clear_object (&discoverer);
if (parent_newparent_table) {
g_hash_table_destroy (parent_newparent_table);
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