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    ges: Add a timeline edition mode API · 2fd53649
    Thibault Saunier authored
            + timeline: Add a snapping-distance property
            + Bump the GLib dependency to 2.28 in the mean time as we need some functions from GSequence that only landed
    	+ Update the testsuite accordingly
        API: GESTimeline:snapping-distance property
        API: ges_timeline_object_edit
        API: ges_timeline_object_ripple
        API: ges_timeline_object_ripple_end
        API: ges_timeline_object_roll_start
        API: ges_timeline_object_roll_end
        API: ges_timeline_object_trim_start
        API: ges_track_object_edit
        API: GESEdge enum
        API: GESEditMode enum