Commit 1f326e26 authored by Xavier Claessens's avatar Xavier Claessens

Add Android arm64 cross build

parent a1726fee
......@@ -68,3 +68,13 @@ build fedora x86_64:
- "manifest"
build android arm64 api28:
extends: '.build'
image: ''
--cross-file /android_arm64_28.txt
- "manifest"
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  • I do not like how our pipeline is looking, we should have the simplest job as a dependency for all following ones like a "smoke test" build. That should probably be the simple fedora build and then android build should depend on that one to succeed. This is to avoid running extra work.

    cc @ndufresne @alatiera @xclaesse

    Edited by Thibault Saunier
  • I totally agree. The whole thing really feels rushed tbh. We should had added an extra stage that runs after the main build and tests are complete.

  • Yeah, "build fedora" should be in a "smoke build" stage... like I had back then!

  • You'll loose 2 minutes per pipeline doing that.

  • IMHO we already have way too many stages, adding one is unlike the good solution here.

    Edit: oh you mean in the ci-template, I was confused I though we were speaking about gst-ci pipeline. But still, it's faster to start all builds in parallel than waiting for one to finish before starting all others. I think this is a performance tweak that can be done when/if we see our runners gets too busy. I don't think that's the case ATM. I think we'll have plenty of linux runners, but macos/window will probably have to be done in a 2nd stage because those one will be more busy.

    Edited by Xavier Claessens
  • It will take more time, but avoid a lot of power in case basic don't even work. We were doing that with jenkins and I believe it is a good balance between speed and runners usage tbh.

  • Let's discuss that in a separate issue, if you think it's important, this MR has been merged already anyway.

  • mentioned in issue #4 (closed)

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