Commit e73ced36 authored by Jordan Petridis's avatar Jordan Petridis 🌱 Committed by Jordan Petridis

.gitlab-ci.yml: kill local jobs

The idea behind local jobs was that you would have jobs that
share the same setup as the citemplate ones but would always
be pointing to your forked registry with your custom build of
the image, since the citemplate hardcoded the image it was
running against.

With the changes introduced in the previous commit
we now mirror the setup from freedesktop/ci-templates and the idea
is that jobs always run from the registry in your fork. If the
image sha/id matches the one from the upstream registry, its copied
over else a new one is build, pushed and tested.

Part-of: <!308>
parent fe959679
......@@ -197,76 +197,3 @@ android docker:
CONTEXT_DIR: "docker/android/"
DOCKERFILE: "docker/android/Dockerfile"
extends: .base
.local_rules: &local_rules
- if: '$CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME == "master" && $CI_PROJECT_PATH == "gstreamer/gst-ci"'
when: 'never'
- when: 'manual'
allow_failure: true
.local_template: &local_template
<<: *local_rules
- 'manifest'
# Test the build job against the latest build image tag and the local manifest
build fedora x86_64 local:
extends: '.build'
stage: 'build'
image: "${CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE}/amd64/fedora:latest"
expire_in: '5 days'
when: always
- "manifest.xml"
- "gst-build/"
<<: *local_template
build cerbero fedora x86_64 local:
extends: 'build cerbero fedora x86_64'
image: "${CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE}/amd64/cerbero-fedora:latest"
<<: *local_template
build cerbero cross-android universal local:
extends: 'build cerbero cross-android universal'
image: "${CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE}/amd64/cerbero-fedora:latest"
<<: *local_template
build cerbero cross win32 local:
extends: 'build cerbero cross win32'
image: "${CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE}/amd64/cerbero-fedora:latest"
<<: *local_template
build cerbero cross win64 local:
extends: 'build cerbero cross win64'
image: "${CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE}/amd64/cerbero-fedora:latest"
<<: *local_template
# Note: dependencies: will be deprecated in the future, but current manual
# jobs with needs: (even if they are allowed to fail) will leave the pipeline
# pending.
.test fedora x86_64 local:
image: '${CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE}/amd64/fedora:latest'
extends: '.test'
<<: *local_rules
check fedora local:
extends: '.test fedora x86_64 local'
TEST_SUITE: 'check.gst*'
cross-android universal examples local:
extends: '.cross-android universal examples'
image: "${CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE}/amd64/android:latest"
<<: *local_rules
- 'build cerbero cross-android universal local'
integration testsuites fedora local:
extends: '.test fedora x86_64 local'
- rm -f gst-build/build/subprojects/gstreamer-vaapi/gst/vaapi/
EXTRA_VALIDATE_ARGS: "--timeout-factor=2 --retry-on-failures"
TEST_SUITE: "validate ges"
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